Mindfulness and Wellbeing
Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Mindfulness and Wellbeing: Mindfulness based approaches to wellbeing and health

Mindfulness and Wellbeing provides mindfulness and compassion based approaches to help people with deal with physical and mental health problems such as chronic long term illnesses, depression, stress, anxiety and addiction as well teaching people skills in positive emotions such as kindness, compassion and resilience which have shown to be extremely benefical in people's long term physical and mental health.



Maya Campbell is a mindfulness trainer, psychologist and research scientist who came into contact with mindfulness based approaches to health after having experienced major mental and physical health issues over a number of years. Having trained initially as a research scientist in chemistry and physics in the years following a major heart attack in 2009 she went back to study and did a masters in psychology. 


Upon finding how personally mindfulness practice assisted her in coping with ongoing health issues, she decided to train to teach mindfulness based approaches so to teach others these skills. She did teacher training courses at Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Bangor Mindfulness Centre for Research and Practice (in mindfulness based cognitive therapy and mindfulness based stress reduction) as well teacher training in mindfulness based addiction recovery at the Breathing Space in London. In the past few years she has become interested in compassion focused work and has trained to teach mindful self-compassion with the San Diego Center for Mindfulness.




Heartfulness Project
In this paper the Heartfulness course is introduced and the constituent elements discussed
Pre publication draft. Heartfulness proj[...]
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Post-traumatic growth
An auto-ethnographic account of being in a coma and intensive care stay
Pre-Publication Draft. Post traumatic Gr[...]
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Teaching Mindfulness and Compassion
Pre-publication. On teaching mindfulness[...]
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Compassion and Minfulness based approaches to    Wellbeing and Health.