Mindfulness and Wellbeing
Mindfulness and Wellbeing

The Heartfulness Project Presents the Next Evolution of Mindfulness



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Next 10-week Heartfulness Course commencing 19th September 2018 in London 



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This 10-week Heartfulness course combines mindfulness, self-compassion and mindful movement for a totally unique experience that really delivers results. You will learn and experience how self-care is the quickest route to developing your mindfulness skills. You will discover the courage to care and the best way to “get into the green”. The green mode of being is one where we are connected, content, compassionate and creative. It is the peak of our human potential, yet sadly lost to many who live mostly in the red zone, feeling pressured, stressed, under-valued and unsafe. The red and green modes are incompatible but fortunately, we can share with you many ways to get into the green.

Suitable for all learning styles and individuals at all stages of their mindfulness journey. If you are new to mindfulness, this course will allow you to get a taste of a variety of practices and modes of teaching. It will also jump start you directly into the self-compassion practices that are critical to the benefits of mindfulness practice.

If you are an experienced practitioner, you will be able to sample some different practices that will augment and enhance your existing repertoire. Tamara and Maya both have their own unique style and learning from these two teachers will provide something for everyone.

The course may be particularly helpful for anyone with heart conditions or those who are experiencing physical health issues related to chronic stress.

The Heartfulness Project uses an integrative mindfulness mind-body approach to teach people the skills of 'getting into the green' which means activating one's own care and soothing system to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. The course comprises of a mix of practical mindfulness and compassion exercises as well as describing the science underpinning the work.

Developed by Dr Maya Campbell, research scientist and mindfulness teacher and clinical psychologist Dr Tamara Russell, the course draws on the lived experience of Maya Campbell who had a heart attack leading to heart failure. The skills and insights into what helped sustain a healthy heart and mind that she learned over the years after the event have been combined with Tamara's professional and clinical expertise to create the Heartfulness Project.



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Results of the pilot study held last year showed across the board improvements emotional and physical wellbeing. The qualitative data showed good acceptability of the course by the participants, with themes of developing greater self-awareness, increased ability to manage distressing emotions, increased self-care with a healthier more active lifestyle. Changes in internal narrative were noted, with all participants experiencing a more healthy and supportive inner voice.


One participant's feedback after a 2 month followup:


"I'm doing really well applying the learning from the course. It's completley transformed my life...I've been mindful of the need to practice the exercises and remember self-care - and I have emerged into the new year feeling really good (resilient in the face of external challenges and my own wobbles)."



Results of the Pilot Study can be found here


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Wednesdays 6 - 9 pm (including a break) commencing Wednesday 19th September 2018 for 10 weeks.
(Note: No session on Wednesday 7th Novemebr)
Psychosynthesis Trust
92 - 94 Tooley Street,
Se1 2TH




Heartfulness Project Pilot Study 2017
Outcomes from the 2017 pilot study of the Heartfulness Project, a new innovative 10-week mindfulness course for those individuals with, or at risk, of heart disease
Pilot study Heartfulness Project Jan 201[...]
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