Mindfulness and Wellbeing
Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Heartfulness Project

Next 10-week Heartfulness Course commencing April 2018


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The Heartfulness Project is a new project looking into how an integrative mind-body approach can benefit those individuals who suffer from heart conditions or who are at risk of developing heart disease through either hereditary or life events. Developed by Dr Maya Campbell, research scientist and mindfulness teacher and clinical psychologist Dr Tamara Russell, the course draws on the lived experience of Maya Campbell who had a heart attack leading to heart failure. Subsequently she gave evidence at the All Party Parliamentary Select Committee on Heart Failure and argued for the need for greater psychological support for heart patients. Dr Tamara Russell, Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, brought her expertise in creative co-design of mindfulness programs to develop an innovative program which started from the experience of the participants.



Results of the Pilot Study can be found here





Come and get a taste of the Heartfulnes Project and four free taster events running in the City of London over February and March as part of the Release the Pressure events


Next session 8th March at 7pm. 

Shoe Lane Library, 1 Little New Street, EC4A 3JR


As part of the City of London’s Business Healthy initiative, Dragon Cafe in the City is offering a number of taster sessions to help City residents and workers learn skills to improve their well-being.  The quickest way to check in with your physical and mental health is through your heart.

Heart disease and depression are two of the leading causes of reduced well-being and they are tightly related.  Caring for our hearts, emotionally and physically will transform your working and personal life.  This is the work of the Heartfulness Project.

In these four taster sessions you can get a glimpse of the tools and techniques that can support you in this process. You can come to one, or to all. Each will be slightly different.

It’s mindfulness + +. We move mindfully (which you can do at any time as you are working) and we practice compassion and mindfulness exercises designed to alter your brain chemistry and soothe your system. We tap into the power of creativity to explore the more playful side of our character.

The Heartfulness Project Team, Dr. Tamara Russell and Dr. Maya Campbell, will be at Shoe Lane Library for four Thursday evenings in Feb (8th and 22nd) and March (8th and 22nd) from 7-8.30pm.

Note that the session on the 22nd will be just 1 hour (7-8pm).



Come and join us for an embodied exploration of how to "get into the green". What and where is this magical place? The green mode of mind is when we are at our most creative, connected and content. This is in contrast to the red mode, when we feel pressured, stressed, under-valued and unsafe. The red and green modes are incompatible but fortunately, there are many ways you can get into the green. Developing your knowledge and skills through practice, you can increase your confidence to intentional move into, and stay in, the green mode of mind.




Heartfulness Project Pilot Study 2017
Outcomes from the 2017 pilot study of the Heartfulness Project, a new innovative 10-week mindfulness course for those individuals with, or at risk, of heart disease
Pilot study Heartfulness Project Jan 201[...]
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Minfulness based approaches to wellbeing and health.