Mindfulness and Wellbeing
Mindfulness and Wellbeing

    Upcoming Workshop Jan 2020

Learning to Love Yourself



The Learning to Love Yourself Workshop will be running in Vauxhall, London in Jan 2020.







Past Workshops and talks


In October we will be running a master class on the Heartfulness Project at the British Psychological Society


October 2019 & 2018

11.00am - 3.30pm (Refreshments and lunch included)



30 Tabernacle Street



Heartfulness tai chi, meditation, self-compassion workshop (master class)

The Heartfulness Project is an integrative mind-body training for individuals who have heart issues - emotional and/or physical. Designed initially for those suffering from physical heart conditions, or those at risk. Developed by Dr Maya Campbell, research scientist and mindfulness teacher and clinical psychologist Dr Tamara Russell, the course draws on the lived experience of Maya Campbell who had a heart attack leading to heart failure. Subsequently, she gave evidence at the All Party Parliamentary Select Committee on Heart Failure and argued for the need for greater psychological support for heart patients. Dr Tamara Russell, Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, brought her expertise in creative co-design of mindfulness programs to develop an innovative program which started from the experience of the participants.

Learning Objectives of the Workshop

1)Learn more about mindful co-design, integrative approaches

2)Understand how the practices activate and soothe from a neuroscience and physiological perspective

3)Learn how to “Get into the green” exploring a variety of self-soothing exercises

4)Have a solid tool to take away and implement immediately in your life



Compassion and Minfulness based approaches to    Wellbeing and Health.